Become a member of our family.

Family owned, operated, and oriented, there is a sense of community here. We are extremely honored that some individuals have been members since they learned to walk, and some families are currently in their fourth generation of membership.

Join the tradition – Discover why some people come for a day and join for a lifetime.

Membership Options

Individual Membership

A summer of relaxation at the beach and on the courts for individuals over the age of 21.

Family Membership

Bring your family for some summertime fun. For purposes of membership, family is defined as couples living at the same address, and parents and their children under the age of 21.

Grandparent Membership

Families can add grandparents to their membership plan for an additional fee per grandparent. Grandparents must come in the same car with family on weekends and holidays.

Add a Bathhouse

For an additional fee, members may opt to rent a bathhouse for the season. Bathhouse pricing varies according to location – waterfront or behind the main building.

Store a Boat

Many of our members enjoy paddle sports and sailing. For an additional fee, you are welcome to store your kayak or sunfish on our boat rack.